Industry leading Blockchain Solution Provider

Tesseract Global delivers proven Blockchain consulting, management and implementation, ensuring complete knowledge transfer throughout the project with comprehensive executive and technical information.

With our strong domain expertise, we help with smart contract development, blockchain selection and customization, infrastructure design and deployment and insight research report.

What we offer

Blockchain Consulting

Consulting to develop a new blockchain solution or customize the existing one with our cross-industry experience and community program.

Wallet and Exchange Platforms

With our multi-domain expertise, we perform penetration testing for SaaS application, mobile application, server, database, and even on-premise platform.

Ethereum Solutions

Developing Ethereum blockchain based platform with the possibility to modify it with a smart contract, and written with solidity and javascript.

Hyperledger Fabric Solutions

With our active community participation, we ensure reliable and effective hyperledger fabric solution with an added layer of application support.


Our assignment-based research help organizations to explore blockchain and related technologies with more insights and reports.


Performing post-built continuous application testing program to fix bugs, meeting the usability and performance standards for users & organizations.

Experience the world of Distributed Ledger TechnologiesTake advantage of industry-leading blockchain expertise

Blockchain Capabilities


Delivering Solutions over Identity and access control, DDoS protection, IoT security, and Two-factor authentication

Financial Services

Designing and developing Crypto exchange platform and eKYC system.


Developing a platform for PHI (patient health information), health records and claims management.

Why choose Tesseract Global

Multi-Domain Expertise

 Multi-domain expertise in Ethereum, smart contract, solidity, javascript 

Trusted Partner

With hundreds of critical projects, we are now trusted by leading enterprises across the industry.

Privacy and Exclusivity

Maintaining clients information securely, and it is returned after project completion.